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This is a guest post by Henna from How to Cure.

Constipation is a condition whereby a person experiences a few bowel movements during the whole week, and the stool is usually firm and is in the form of lumps and very painful to pass out. It is mostly caused by inadequate fiber in your diet, no exercise, pregnancy, dehydration, delayed time taken in the toilet, and some medications.       

Apple cider vinegar is a pungent, funky smelling common home remedy for several health problems. It is being used to treat acne, colds, weight loss, and even constipation, but when taken in appropriate dosage.       

How does apple cider vinegar help in constipation?

Apple cider has lots of pectins and dietary fiber in it. These are soluble and can help in passing comfortable stools.

Because constipation is commonly caused by a dietary lack of fiber, ACV helps in streamlining the digestion process.   

It acts as a laxative used to improve digestion in the body, and it is also natural, making it more efficient. The vinegar has antimicrobial features that aid in treating various health issues. 

As a bonus, it contains acetic acid and malic acids, which are helpful in the digestion process. The cider also has some amounts of magnesium minerals that aid in promoting regular bowel movements and also manage chronic constipation.       

It contains natural acids that help in breaking down the insoluble fibers in the body. Constipation is also a condition that arises if one has underlying issues with their digestive system.       

Proper Dosage for Apple Cider Vinegar

There is no established dosage of the specified amounts of vinegar for treatment.

It has been suggested to mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with honey and a cup of warm water two times a day to get rid of constipation.    

Preferably on an empty stomach.

Some people even bathe in water mixed with vinegar. This may be helpful for children who might not stomach the tangy taste of ACV.

However, most of the individuals that use apple cider drink little amounts regularly whenever they suffer constipation. People are advised to consult a health practitioner before they begin to consume  vinegar in excess.  

Possible Side Effects of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

Even though apple cider vinegar has amazing (and versatile!) health benefits, it can cause side effects in some users.

  •  Apple cider vinegar can make some medications ineffective when used alongside it; hence, it is always better to consult your doctor before using it.        
  • It is acidic, meaning it can cause irritation to the stomach, especially among people with sensitive stomachs or have ulcers.       
  • It can cause frequent urination, especially if you’re on a diuretic medication.  
  • Consumption of the vinegar causes an upset stomach by making it gassy and noisy, and it is recommended that it is taken when diluted or consumed in food.       
  • Regular intake of the vinegar affects the levels of minerals in the body. Therefore, it is required to consider taking multivitamins and foods rich in potassium daily.       
  • The acidity in apple cider erodes the enamel and irritates the throat and also the mouth. So, it is suggested to dilute it with water before consuming.
  • People who have osteoporosis or with a significant risk of getting it should avoid as vinegar can reduce bone density in the body.    
  • Some people maybe be allergic and can experience itchiness and runny nose.
  • Digestive issues like irritation to the small intestines and nausea may be experienced.    
  • Headaches and skin disorders like acne, migraines, and skin redness are also likely to erupt after taking it.     

Other Effective Natural Remedies for Constipation

  • Regular exercises, for example, jogging, running or walking most days of the week.     
  • Eating foods rich in fiber such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and other fiber-rich foods.      
  • Drinking a lot of liquids like water, fresh juice, coffee, etc. most of the fluids taken should be water.      
  • Fiber supplements incorporated with diets, for example, unprocessed wheat ban.     
  • People are urged not to resist the urge to go to the toilet as it restricts proper bowel movements.

About the Author: Henna is a health & wellness writer, who firmly believes in the age-old remedies and holistic medicine as a primary cure for several diseases. You can read further articles and find out more about natural remedies by visiting https://www.howtocure.com/.


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