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Essential oils are full of amazing healing properties since they are made from the leaves, flowers, and stems of plants. There are even essential oils for poison ivy treatment since studies have shown that they have superb antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties!

Unlike chemically manufactured creams or other kinds of medication, these oils are made from the tenderest natural extracts. They can have a large number of benefits on our sleep cycles, to improve headaches, clear up skin conditions, boost certain medical practices, and for so much more.

7 Best Essential Oils for Poison Ivy Treatment

Before we understand which are the best essential oils for poison ivy rashes, let’s get down to the basics.

What is poison ivy?

Poison Ivy is a plant whose leaves, roots, flowers, and stems contain a substance called Urushiol. It is an odorless and colorless substance which makes it hard to spot if you get it on your clothes or hands. When you come in contact with it you can develop a painful or itchy rash on your skin.

It can start developing within just a few hours or even two days after coming in contact with the plant. This blistering rash can last for almost 3 weeks. Poison ivy affects around 3/4th of all people who come in contact with it. Therefore it is quite important to know how you can cure or improve your poison ivy rash. Let’s look at the 7 Best Essential Oils For Poison Ivy Treatment that can keep you safe, healthy, and itch-free.

Best Essential Oils For Poison Ivy: Top 7 Picks


Calendula: Best Soothing Essential Oil For Poison Ivy

It is also referred to as marigold and has a bunch of soothing properties to help with itchy skin, pain, and dryness. A study in 2016 found that this essential oil helps with symptoms of contact dermatitis and promotes quick healing of wounds, cuts, and even skin ulcers. It has some wonderful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that come in handy to treat poison ivy rashes on the skin. Keeping that in mind you can check out the wonderful Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract by Aromatika.

This Calendula oil comes in a 100ml bottle and is infused with almond oil as well. The natural vitamins and properties of each of these substances work as an antioxidant to protect and any kind of heal irritated skin. I picked the calendula essential oil since it is known to work effectively with contact dermatitis and hence can help with your pesky poison ivy rash.

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  • The fragrance of this product is not too overpowering.
  • It is not drenched in oil which greatly improves the feel of it on the skin.
  • The bottle cap has an inside drip top so that it becomes easy to dispense the essential oil without any wastage.
  • You may find that the fragrance is not exactly like pure calendula oil.


Peppermint: Best Cooling Essential Oil For Poison Ivy

This is a good essential oil for poison ivy rashes due to its special cooling qualities. It also has wonderful analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which have been proven by studies including one where the itchy skin symptoms were reduced in pregnant women. Peppermint essential oil is also known for its antibacterial properties that help with quicker wound healing. One reason why it is loved by so many people is due to its wonderful minty fragrance. 

One of the best peppermint essential oils products you can find is the Cliganic USDA organic peppermint oil.

This essential oil is steam distilled from Peppermint leaves. The reason why I picked this product is due to it being completely natural with no additives or dilution. You can use it for your poison ivy rash so that it speeds up the healing process and cools any irritated skin as well.  

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  • The fragrance of this essential oil is completely natural.
  • The gorgeous dark amber bottle protects the oil from UV light and helps it last longer without any degradation.
  • It has a dropper and rubber bulb which gives you better control over how much peppermint oil you want to add.
  • Since there is no added scent, it requires more applications if you want the fragrance to be stronger.


Tea Tree oil: Most Potent Essential Oil For Poison Ivy

This essential oil is used in many different products including soaps and shampoos. It comes from the Australian tea tree and is coveted due to its cleansing and refreshing scent. 

It has many proven anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which make it a great natural remedy for many ailments. A 2013 review of the tea tree essential oil also states that it works as a great treatment for dermatitis. It is very powerful and helps to speed up the healing process of poison ivy while preventing itching.  

I picked the Maple Holistics Store Pure tea tree oil since it is steam distilled directly from the plant leaves and is known to work wonders for skin, hair, and nail conditions. It is a therapeutic grade product and needs to be diluted due to its strength. By applying the tea tree oil you will find your poison ivy rash clearing up immediately.

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  • This product can be used as a surface cleaner as well.
  • It has great antifungal and antibacterial properties to treat poison ivy.
  • You may find that it has an oily finish and needs to be diluted before applying.
  • The smell is slightly overpowering.


Lavender: Best Essential Oil For Poison Ivy With A Calming Fragrance

This is a beautiful purple-colored herb. It has an incredible fragrance and so many medicinal uses. Studies have shown that lavender essential oils can be applied to the skin to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. It also has several antioxidant, and analgesic properties for irritated skin. Not only does it do all that but it is also known to help treat anxiety disorders, nausea, headaches, and much more. For these reasons, I have picked the Plant therapy Lavender essential oil.

This product is expertly tested by essential oil experts so that you get only the best for your skin. It has amazing healing properties for rashes and irritated skin that can occur due to poison ivy. When applying the lavender essential oil it can also be a calming experience for you.

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  • There is a built-in dropper cap for easier usage and application.
  • This essential oil does not have an oily finish.

  • The scent might not be similar to traditional lavender and may come off as strong or musky


Juniper: Best Versatile Essential Oil For Poison Ivy

This essential oil has a compound called thujone present in it which helps soothe the itchiness that poison ivy brings. Studies have shown that it helps to break down infections and reduce swelling or inflammation of the skin. It also has anti-microbial properties that make it super helpful if you come in contact with poison ivy. People also use it as a natural skin toner, for urinary tract infections, skin wounds, rashes, and much more. Out of all the Juniper products, I specially picked the Artizen Juniper Berry Essential oil.

This wonderful essential oil comes in a big 1oz Bottle. It is completely pure and unadulterated to provide maximum benefits. Apart from poison ivy rashes, you can also use it for other forms of aromatherapy. 

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  • This product comes in a bottle with a UV coating that protects the oil from breaking down easily.
  • It has a springy and wonderful fragrance.
  • You can use it in aromatherapy, for rashes and skin irritation, as well as for relaxation purposes.

  • You may find that this essential oil is slightly watery.

 Eucalyptus: Best Hydrating Essential Oil For Poison Ivy

The eucalyptus is a native Australian tree. It is well known for its amazing skin hydrating abilities and anti-bacterial elements. A study has also been done on its useful rehydrating abilities. These properties can help a lot during the later stages of a poison ivy rash, which is also when your skin becomes very brittle, dry, and itchy.  It also works as an antiseptic to clean the rash and remove the residual urushiol that can create irritation. I have selected the Artizen Eucalyptus Essential Oil to help with poison ivy rashes. 

This essential oil has a sweet aroma that is very soothing during application. It is unadulterated and great for poison ivy rashes. You will notice how much to help to keep your skin hydrated during the later stages of the rash. 

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  • This Eucalyptus essential oil smells amazing.
  • It has a dropper for easier and efficient use.
  • You do not need more than a few drops to get the scent of this essential oil.
  • The bottle is not UV colored like other essential oils, so it is best to keep it stored in a cool dry place.

Cypress: Best Healing Essential Oil For Poison Ivy

This essential oil heals all kinds of wounds, cuts, and abrasions on the skin very quickly. Its antimicrobial properties help to kill the bacteria that usually prolong the life of your poison ivy rash. These healing and antioxidant abilities are due to the compound called camphene that is present in the essential oil. Cypress also helps with fluid retention problems and heals blisters much faster. It is a natural astringent agent that can help your skin to tighten and bring it back to its natural form. For these purposes, I have selected Nature’s Oil Store Natural cypress essential oil.

This Cypress essential oil comes in a 60ml bottle. It is a fully organic product that is free of additives. It is very useful for treating poison ivy rashes and helps to speed up the healing process. You can also use the efficient dropper to apply the oil with ease.

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  • You will find that it blends easily with lotions and salves.

  • It comes with a dropper that makes the application process efficient.

  • The smell is refreshing and a few drops easily bring out the scent.

  • The bottle does not have UV protection.


When it comes to poison ivy treatment there are many essential oils that you can choose. But these are a few that I’ve found to be especially effective. Let’s also see how you can use them!

How do I use essential oils for poison ivy?

There are a few different ways that you can apply essential oils:

  1. You should not apply pure undiluted essential oils directly to your skin. This is because the essential oils usually have a high potency which can cause a rash similar to poison ivy. It is best to dilute them by 2% before application. 
  2. Before actually using the product start by applying it to a small patch of your skin. This is a preventative measure in case you are allergic to the essential oil. Make sure that you also do not ingest the oils unless recommended by your doctor as some can be toxic.
  3. In case of a rash, you can also apply a compress. Take a cloth soaked in 5 drops of essential oil along with some warm water. You can then place it on the infected area which will help to soothe and relieve it.
  4. The essential oils can also be applied by combining them with lotions or salves. 


Poison Ivy Q and A

How do I get rid of poison ivy fast?

If you realize early on that you have come in contact with the urushiol from poison ivy, it is best to shower within 60 minutes of exposure and wash your belongings. This may help limit the spread of the rash.


Is poison ivy contagious?

The rash or the fluid from the blisters is not contagious. But if any urushiol oil is still present on the skin, clothing, or belongings it can rub off on another person and cause a rash.


How long does it take for the poison ivy rash to stop spreading?

The severity of the rash depends on how much urushiol gets on your skin. A portion of the skin with more urushiol on it may develop a rash sooner.


Poison Ivy Safety Information

Always be on the lookout for the Poison ivy plant! It has three leaves, one on each side and one in the center. The leaves are shiny with smooth or slightly notched edges. You may come across it while hiking, or gardening. Therefore it is best to avoid contact with the plant by wearing protective clothing like closed-toes shoes, gloves, or long-sleeved clothes. When you come home make sure to always wash your footwear, clothes, and any belonging you took with you. Taking a bath is also a good idea to wash off any urushiol that might be on your skin.


When to See a Doctor

Some warning signs about poison ivy should never be ignored. If you start having symptoms like difficulty breathing or find that the rash is spreading to your whole body it is best to visit a doctor or dermatologist. Make sure to also watch out for a fever coupled with your rash, excessive swelling of your face or throat, or if the rash lasts for more than two weeks. Don’t take these symptoms lightly. 

I hope that this guide to the best essential oils for poison ivy can help you keep your skin healthy and rash-free in the future!  We know that essential oils can be used for treating a variety of ailments; so read ahead on how it can treat fatty liver disease, and be used for detoxing.  


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