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Did you know? Up to 90% of house dust tests positive for toxic chemicals.

Learn how to clean your home naturally and detox your house with DIY cleaning recipes, non toxic home products, and  practical tips for creating a healthy home.

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How to Detox Your Kitchen (An Easy, Step by Step Process)

This post is part 4 of the Detox Your Home Series. So far we’ve discussed how to detox your bathroom, bedroom and living room. Today, we’ll discuss how to detox your kitchen! For most of us, the kitchen is the heart of our homes. It’s where we gather, fellowship,...

How to Detox Your Living Room in 4 Simple Steps

I hope you are enjoying this detox your home series! So far, we've learned how to create non-toxic bathrooms and toxin-free bedrooms.Today, we're going to discover how to detox our living rooms!Your home can be a cesspool of unseen and unknown toxins, and your living...

How to Detox Your Bedroom Fast in 6 Steps

 This post is Part 2 of the Detox Your Home Series. In Part 1, we discussed how to detox your bathroom.Today, we’re going to talk about how to detox our bedrooms.Sleep was designed as a way for our bodies to reset each day. It’s the time of day when muscle tissue is...

Detox Your Bathroom in 7 Simple Steps

The bathroom - or at least what’s in it - is quite possibly one of the most toxic rooms in any house. So let’s kick off our 7 Day “Detox Your Home” Challenge by detoxing your bathroom and creating a personal care safe haven! The reason bathrooms tend to be loaded with...

Does Your Home Need an Air Purifier?

Did you know indoor air can be 10 times more polluted than the air outside your home? That’s why air purifiers are a great step toward toxin-free living!

Non Toxic Home Goods

Non Toxic Waffle Makers That Are Teflon Free

Let me guess:You feel the same way I do and don't want toxins lurking in your morning waffles!The only problem is you're not sure where to find a truly non toxic waffle maker that won't leach heavy metals or poison your family with nonstick coatings. The struggle is...

2018 Non Toxic Christmas Tree Guide

Christmas is fast approaching, and you want to celebrate it in style. Of course, a huge part of that is the iconic Christmas tree. Decades ago, families would just walk out on their property and harvest a real tree. Today, however, artificial trees have taken over our...

Best Non Toxic Cooking Utensils for Health and Wellness

Let’s be honest: We probably all have that one drawer in our kitchen that’s a disorganized mess of cooking utensils.   If you haven’t bought any kitchen tools for a while, that drawer may be filled with toxic plastic items that need to be replaced. Fortunately, more...

Green Cleaning 

DIY Disinfectant Wipes (Non Toxic & Disposable!)

  If there's anyone regularly stocked up on various forms of disposable wipes, it's definitely a mom on the go. From disinfectant wipes to baby and makeup wipes, moms always have a hefty inventory of options to choose from. But let's admit it: Reaching for a...

DIY Non Toxic Dish Detergent Recipe That Works

Have you ever read the label on your dish detergent? Go ahead and search a few of those ingredients and see what comes up.... As you research ingredients and the effects they have on the human body, you'll be wondering the same thing I was: How are manufacturers...

Natural Laundry

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