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It’s astounding how much we tend to overlook our sense of smell.

Smells are directly tied to your memory and have the power to alter your mood for the better!

But picking up a regular air freshener will do more harm than good.

The Natural Resources Defense Council uncovered that 86% air fresheners, including ones marked “all-natural,” have dangerous phthalates in them.

And this is only the start. There are a handful of toxic chemicals in conventional air fresheners.

However, buying proven non-toxic air fresheners will keep you and your family safe. You could also DIY some air fresheners yourself using natural ingredients.

But… how?

And which air fresheners can you really trust?

In this post, I’ll show you how you can DIY five wonderful-smelling air fresheners, and also list nine of the safest off-the-shelf air fresheners in the market.

9 Natural Air Fresheners that will make your home smell divine

5 Features to Consider in a Natural Air Freshener

Natural air fresheners don’t harm your health, but there still are a few things you must consider before making or buying a natural air freshener.


Different natural air fresheners effuse scents for different periods. Some last for two days, while others retain their effect for weeks.

A natural air freshener’s longevity is a deciding factor because it affects how much time and money you spend on making your home smell good.


Regardless of if you’re making your own natural air freshener or purchasing a non-toxic fragrance, remember to pick a scent that you and your family or guests will like. 

Factoring in their tastes is critical – because smells alter moods, remember?

The scent you pick also represents your class, taste, and individuality. It’s essential to choose a scent that’s an embodiment, or better yet, an extension of your personality.

Area of Diffusion 

Not every natural air freshener is equal in terms of scent strength. 

If you have, say, a large living room that you want smelling fresh, you must pick an air freshener strong enough to envelop the entire room.

However, the same strong scent may be too intense for a smaller living room.

Try and test a scent before buying or making a lot of it. 


It’s important to factor in the season when making or purchasing a natural air freshener.

Minty, uplifting scents are ideal for the summer. The Spring calls for fruity and flowery fragrances, and bold, wood/oak scent befits winter, the Christmas season.


Never go shopping for scents with the “higher price = higher quality” mindset.

This is sometimes true, but for the most part, a lot of affordable fragrances smell great and are powerful enough to envelop large rooms.

So, if you find an air freshener that appeals to you, get it without worrying about the cost/quality equation.

Problems with Conventional Air Fresheners

It’s difficult to believe that conventional air fresheners are harmful without proof.

So here is a list of compounds in air fresheners that harm you, with links to studies to prove they are harmful:


I wrote about these in the intro, but here’s a quick recap:

The NRDC in 2007 released a study revealing that out of the 14 tested air fresheners, 12 contained phthalates. 

But here’s the kicker:

None of the air fresheners listed phthalates as an ingredient.

Phthalates are linked to congenital disabilities and reproductive harm and even anticipated to being human carcinogens by the NIH. 

Volatile Organic Compounds

The scale of damage VOCs can do to you is very large. The EPA reports that VOCs’ health effects vary from dizziness and nausea to liver, kidney, and nervous system damage.

1,4 dichlorobenzenes

The CDC revealed that lifetime exposure to 1,4 dichlorobenzenes resulted in liver cancer in mice.


Contact with formaldehyde has been linked to cancer in humans and animals on several occasions.

Life-threatening chemicals are released into your home every time you spray an aromatic puff of scent using a conventional air freshener. 

Here are five DIY air fresheners you can make to avoid these health risks: 

Natural Air Fresheners


#1 Pomander Balls

The word pomander has French origins – it’s derived from the term “pomme d’ambre,” which translates to “apple of amber.”

The name is apt because pomander balls are essentially oranges with cloves poked into them. 

The aroma effused is delicate and delightful. Pomander balls last for a week, and they’re also a lot cheaper to make than bottled air fresheners.

If you want to enhance the aroma’s strength, after you stud the entire orange with cloves, you can roll it in a mixture of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and orrisroot.

#2 Dry Rose Potpourri

If you have some rose plants in your backyard, you can make a simple dry rose potpourri with some blooming roses.

Pull off the roses that have bloomed fully – the petals should separate by themselves.

Spread the petals out a table and let them dry for a week. Make sure you toss them around a little every day.

After a week passes, place them in a potpourri bowl. If the roses lose their scent, mix in some dried herbs and spices or essential oils.

Alternatively, you can add rosewater to reinvigorate their fragrance.

#3 Simmering Potpourri

Making a simmering potpourri is one of the easiest ways to make your entire home smell fantastic.

Here’s an easy recipe:

Slice two oranges, add a tablespoon of cloves, and three cinnamon sticks to a crockpot and fill it with water. 

Set on low heat, and check periodically to replenish water levels when needed.

While the fragrance is strong and sweet, it is recommended that you do not use the same concoction for more than two days.

#4 Lemon Air Freshener

Making a bottle of refreshing lemon fragrance is a lot easier than you would think. 

All you have to do is get two cups of water to a gentle boil, add half a cup of baking soda to it, and pour in half a cup of lemon juice.

Let it simmer for a bit before you let it cool off and store it in a spritz bottle.

#5 Simple Apple Spice Air Freshener

Add six drops of cinnamon essential oil and three drops of clove essential oil to a spritz bottle filled with distilled water.

Allow the concoction to sit for a few hours before using, and remember to shake well before spritzing to ensure that the oils are evenly distributed in the freshener.

Best Non-Toxic Air Fresheners: Top 9 Natural Picks


#1 Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set

Pure Daily Care’s diffuser and essential oil set will keep a room smelling great for a long time. 

Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set - Ultrasonic Diffuser &...
  • THE COMPLETE BUNDLE - Our Essence Diffuser has a 300 ml capacity and uses state of the art wave...
  • ANCIENT FORMULAS PROVEN RESULTS - Our oils are formulated using the highest quality plants, such as...

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One of the main reasons it is my top recommendation is that it comes with ten different essential oils. 

With spicy scents like clove and also refreshing scents like spearmint handy, you can be sure that your home smells great every season.

It has fifteen lighting modes, which makes it an excellent addition to any room’s décor, and it also has timer settings, which maximizes the longevity of a scent.

Customers love the neutral color of the diffuser and report that it helps get rid of the dryness in a room. 

  • 15 different light modes
  • Timer settings
  • Excellent selection of scents
  • Great pricing
  • Supposed leakage issues


#2 Air Scense Essential Oil Air Freshener

The smell of fresh lime is one of the most energizing scents there is!

Air Scense Essential Oil Air Freshener, Lime, 7 Ounce
  • Made from only the finest essential oils and plant extractives

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And with the Air Scense air freshener, adding this scent to your room is as easy as making a few quick spritzes!

It’s made from essential oils and plant extracts, which is impressive, but what’s more impressive is that you get up to 3000 sprays in just one bottle! It will last you a LONG time.

Happy customers report sticking with the brand for over ten years because the scents are 100% natural and help uplift the mood. 

  • Super affordable
  • Up to 3000 sprays from one bottle
  • Revitalizing scent of fresh lime
  • Spray not durable – will break if you drop it


#3 Aura Cacia Relaxing Lavender Mist

It’s hard to find an air freshener as potent as the Aura Cacia Relaxing Lavender Mist.

Aura Cacia Relaxing Lavender Mist | GC/MS Tested for Purity | 118 ml (4 fl....
  • LAVENDER MIST - Like breathing in the sweet aroma of fresh lavender flowers, Aura Cacia Relaxing...
  • VERSATILE AND AROMATIC - This mist combines 100% pure lavender and lavandin essential oils with...

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It’s made from 100% pure lavender extracts and lavender essential oils. These won’t harm your health.

In fact, the soothing fragrance will help you relax and relieve stress – improving your mental health! 

But the best thing about the air freshener is you can refill it! 

All you need to do is mix 14 drops of Aura Cacia lavender essential oil with 4 oz of water.

  • Ethically made
  • Strong scent
  • Doubles as a body mist
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Slightly expensive


#4 Luna Lifestyle Premium Lavender Aromatherapy Spray

Luna Lifestyle’s lavender air freshener is designed to soothe the body and mind. 

Luna Lifestyle Premium Lavender Aromatherapy Spray - Great for Yoga, Pillow...
  • 100% PURE LAVENDER OIL: Luna Lavender Aromatherapy Spray contains 100% pure lavender oil to provide...
  • ROOM SPRAY: Use Luna Lavender Aromatherapy Spray on any water safe surface or in the air! Spray on...

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In addition to serving as a great room freshener, its therapeutic properties can also help solve sleep problems.

Customers report that only two spritzes on their pillow helped them fall asleep quicker!

If you practice yoga, the coumarins in the lavender spray will lead you to experience a whole new level of relaxation during your practice.

A few sprays around your home, and you’re set for the day!

But the many benefits the spray offers also entail a higher price.

  • Revitalizing lavender fragrance
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Great for yoga
  • Pricey


#5 ASUTRA Peppermint & Rosemary Aromatherapy Spray

There’s nothing better than having your home smelling like peppermint and rosemary in the summer.

ASUTRA Peppermint & Rosemary Essential Oil Blend, Aromatherapy Spray, 4 fl...
  • INCREASE YOUR FOCUS: There is nothing better for focus than peppermint and rosemary. Peppermint will...
  • ALL NATURAL: Awaken your senses and boost your mood. This aromatherapy mist contains distilled water...

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The essential oil blend spray by ASUTRA helps increase focus and boosts your mood.

But in addition to being a stimulating air freshener, the spray also doubles as a face and body spray. It will revitalize your skin, awaken your senses, and leave you feeling refreshed! 

The all-natural, non-toxic ingredients rehydrate the air and provide regenerating benefits when sprayed on the skin. 

If you’re not satisfied with the air freshener, you can request a full refund.

  • A refreshing essential oil blend
  • Great for the summer
  • Doubles as face and body spray
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Slightly expensive

#6 Aura Cacia Tea Tree and Lemon Yoga Mist

Whether you’re trying to foster a mind-body connection in the morning or trying to relax and heal in the evening, the combination of tea tree and lemon will make it easier.

Aura Cacia Tea Tree and Lemon Yoga Mist | Organic | GC/MS Tested for Purity...
  • TEA TREE AND LEMON MIST - Purify your airspace and foster mind-body connection with Aura Cacia...
  • CLEANSING AND AROMATIC - Containing nothing more than purified water and delightfully effective...

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The blend of scents encourages clean breathing and holistic yoga practice.

Customers love its versatility – since it doesn’t stain clothes and other material, many customers use it in the laundry and even when they’re out and about.

The Aura Cacia spray is completely free of petroleum and paraben, which are sometimes added to sprays, which is a huge plus.

  • No petroleum and paraben
  • Soothing scent
  • Great pricing
  • Doesn’t last long

#7 Essence Of Vali Sleep Soothing Mist

Kicking back after a hard day of work is a challenge for many. But the Essence Of Vali Sleep Soothing Mist is proven to help customers relax and sleep.

Essence Of Vali Essence Of Vali Sleep Soothing Mist
  • From Essence of Vali
  • 2 ounce in cobalt blue non-breakable spray bottle

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Many happy customers also report that it helps their children fall asleep with ease – which is a testament to its effectiveness.

The mist is made from a fantastic blend of essential oils. The mix of lavender, marjoram, cedarwood & ylang ylang has a pacifying effect.

But what’s more impressive is that the mist comes in an unbreakable aluminum bottle.

The mist is a little more expensive than its competitors, but it’s worth the price for what you get.

  • Pacifying aroma
  • Comes in an unbreakable bottle
  • Helps sleep and heal
  • Expensive

#8 J. R. Watkins J.R Aloe & Green Room Freshener

The J. R. Watkins Aloe & Green Room Freshener is one of the longest-lasting sprays available. Two spritzes, and you’re good for the day!

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Aloe vera’s comforting scent is loved the world over, and its combination with the fresh fragrance of tea makes it one of the best air fresheners out there.

You get two fresheners in the pack, and the price for the pack is impressively low.

Customers gush about the spray’s endurance, but like the fact that the fragrance is refreshing and not overpowering the most!

  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Excellent price
  • Not as potent as J. R. Watkins Lavender spray

#9 J. R. Watkins Lavender Freshener/Spray (Pack of 2)

If you’re looking for a potent air freshener that also lasts long, you will love the J. R. Watkins Lavender air freshener.

Watkins Lavender Freshener/Spray (Pack of 2)
  • Natural Room Freshener, Lavender 4 OZ by J R Watkins (Pack of 2)

Last update on 2020-09-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Like the aloe vera/tea variant, this spray also comes in a pack of two. However, its scent is noticeably more potent. You will be able to smell it rooms away!

Customers report that J. R. Watkins’ claims of the spray being conscience-clearing hold up and that any sour smells are never covered up, but actually eliminated.

  • Sour-smell eliminating fragrance
  • Strong scent
  • Lasts for hours
  • Conscience-clearing effect
  • Doesn’t double as a body mist

Open Questions About Non-Toxic Air Fresheners 

Can I use a non-toxic air freshener in my car?

Yes, you can safely use a non-toxic air freshener in a car. Most non-toxic air fresheners do not stain fabric and other material, so you don’t have to worry about your interiors’ upkeep.

Are non-toxic air fresheners refillable?

Most brands supply a refillable bottle that must be filled with distilled water and a recommended amount of essential oil from the same brand.

Can non-toxic air fresheners prevent or cure allergies and other health conditions?

No. However, non-toxic air fresheners can help with symptoms of depression.



The Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set was very easy to recommend.

For roughly the price of two bottled air fresheners, the set gives you a fantastic looking diffuser and a respectable collection of 10 essential oils.

The oils last longer than most sprays, and you can prolong the oil’s use further by using the timer feature.

The 15 different lighting modes make it a delightful addition to any room. Additionally, the selection of essential oils helps soothe, reinvigorate, and conciliate.

You cannot go wrong with the Ultimate Aromatherapy Set.



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