Are You a Label Reader?

Me too! It’s necessary in a world where GMOs reign supreme and manufacturers care more about their bottom line than they do your health.

Though necessary, it can be so tiring – not to mention time consuming.

Sometimes I wish I could just shop freely without having to inspect every label, which inevitably makes my shopping trips 10x longer. And with 3 kids in tow? Exhausting.

That’s why I created this resource of handpicked, pre-vetted businesses where you can shop without having to scrutinize every label.

These are companies that are just as passionate about healthy, toxin-free living as you and I are!

I’ve organized them into sections like “Skincare, Oral Health, Groceries, etc” to help make the process quicker & easier.

Please know that some of the links below are affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase, I’ll earn a small commission at no cost to you. I’m sincerely grateful for your support as I work to support my family!



Think of Thrive Market as your own curated grocery store who shares your passion for toxin-free living. Every product they carry must pass a strict set of standards, which includes absolutely no GMOs.

Plus, they cut out the middle man (kinda like Costco) and pass those savings onto you. On average, they’re prices are 25% to 50% off retail – and that’s delivered to your door!

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Art of Tea Organics


Hot tea is great for so many things – calming, soothing, energizing, even detoxing! Art of Tea is an LA based company that offers organic versions of every kind of tea you could want!


Shop Green Beauty At The Detox Market


The Detox Market is your one-stop shop for toxin-free skincare and makeup. Their dedication to purity is unsurpassed in the industry, and their team of green make-up artists, naturopathic doctors and nutritionists test every single product.

Here’s just a peak at some of the ingredients they don’t allow:

No BHA or BHT, formaldehyde, EDTA, chloride, aluminum, parabens, and so much more.

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City water is notorious for containing fluoride and heavy metals, and that’s what most of us are drinking every day. A water filter like the Berkey ensures you have good, clean water in every glass.

Even if you live on a well (like I do), your water can still contain contaminants. I have the “Big Berkey.”  It’s the perfect size for my family of 5, but they offer many other sizes as well.



Xtrema/Ceramcor is the go-to place for safe, non-toxic (and pretty!) cookware. Their ceramic cookware is made from clay, water and inorganic materials like refractory clay found naturally in the earth’s crust.

Their cookware contains no metals, cadmium, lead or any other toxic chemical.

Current Promo: Use code “SaveX10” to get 10% off!


Earth Mama Organics


Earth Mama Organics (formerly Earth Mama Angel Baby) is a company dedicated to providing mothers with the safest, most natural products for their babies. They carry everything from herbal sitz bath and baby bathing products to nipple creams and balms.

When my 2nd daughter was born, I had a small tear.  I opted to let it heal naturally with no stitches, and their New Mama Bottom Spray was such a blessing to me. That might be kinda weird to say about a personal care product, but it seriously helped me heal faster with less itching & irritation.

Current Promo: They’re always running specials. See what the current sale is by clicking the button below!



Admit it. Deodorant is the one area you’ve been hesistant to make the switch to a healthier alternative. I know it was for me! And that’s because most au naturale deodorants don’t “deodorize” like they should.

That’s not the case with Native! It protects you from the dreaded Stank and does so without parabens or aluminum. Try their Coconut & Vanilla scent!

If you can convince your hubby to try it, their Citrus & Herbal Musk is award-winning!

Current Promo: Use code “HEALTH10” to get 10% off!



I’ll be honest. Snacks were my weakness when switching to a whole food diet. UrthBox makes it easy to stay on track even at snacktime with a box of healthy goodies shipped to your doorstep each month!

They have gluten-free and vegan options, too.

Current Promo: Use code “SNACKBOX10” to get $10 off!



It’s a sad truth, but most toothpastes and oral products on the market today are loaded with toxic ingredients. Since oral health is so closely related to your overall health, this is one area no one should overlook.

OraWellness is a family-run business dedicated to toxin-free oral healthcare. If you get a spare minute (all the mamas be like “what’s that?!”), check out their testimonials. They’re pretty impressive!



MyFreezEasy makes eating healthy a little easier for busy moms! She has meal plans (with recipes & shopping lists!) for whole food, paleo, vegan, gluten-free and more.

Our all-time favorite recipe is the taco soup. Everything is super organized so you’re able to prep & store up to 20 wholesome meals in less than 2 hours!

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