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Who else thought we’d be soaring the skies in our flying cars by now?!

We may not have reached that point yet, but we have made great strides in the health and wellness world.

More and more mamas are taking charge of their own health, doing their own research and recognizing the benefits of natural remedies.

What was your “wake up” moment?

When you realized that doctors maybe didn’t have all the answers? That prescription drugs can be good but perhaps aren’t the end-all solution to every little problem?

For me, it was a growing list of health issues that deemed me an “anomaly” in the medical community. Only after seeking the help of holistic practitioners did they finally identify the problem – Lyme disease.

It put me in a ‘sink or swim’ situation.

I could either do nothing and slowly deteriorate or take a proactive role in treatment, detoxing a little every day and removing environmental toxins one by one.

Whatever that moment was for you, it has put you on the path to a healthier, more natural 2018, and that is AH-MAZING!

To help you learn all you can, I’ve gathered a list of 23 health and wellness blogs to follow this year! Take a look and connect with some like-minded mamas, and let’s make 2018 a year of learning, researching and nurturing the health of our families one simple step and change at a time.

Here we go!


23 healthy living blogs for 2018


  1. Mommypotamus


Is that not the cutest name ever?? Heather from Mommypotamus is one of my health and wellness blogging role models. I’ve been learning from her helpful posts and getting inspired by her blogging style, and I can say with confidence, you won’t be disappointed with her information!

It’s valuable, actionable and inspiring.

She has a great post with practical ways to support your adrenal system!


  1. Wellness Mama


Katie from Wellness Mama is right up there with Heather. I can pretty much find an answer to any natural health-related question at her site – it’s THAT good and comprehensive. She’s really great at posting tutorial-type and “how to” posts.

Want to know how to make your own shampoo? She’s got a post for that.

Need a natural cure for burns ASAP? Yep, she’s got one for that too.

Here’s a great post on making your own dishwashing soap.


  1. Mindful Momma


I recently discovered Micaela’s blog, and I’m so happy I did (you will be too!).

Like many of us, she’s a busy mom trying to create a healthier lifestyle but wants to do so without all the stress.

Because let’s face it, if we try to make sure every item in our house is plastic-free, we’ll drive ourselves insane. Micaela knows this and realizes that some compromises are necessary. That’s why she teaches you how to read labels and ask the right questions, so you can make your own educated decisions as you shop!

desktop with notebooks and pencils


  1. Whole New Mom


Adrienne is a research-driven, homeschooling mama – a lady after my own heart! She has great posts on everything from gluten-free recipes and essential oils to safe beauty products and  overall health hacks.

If you have special needs children, Whole New Mom is a great blog to follow as she often posts tips and resources that pertain to what has worked for her and her own family with special needs.


  1. Small Town Soul


Abbey is a sweet soul who encourages mamas and wives in their faith, health and overall lifestyle. She believes as I do that God is faithful and will always guide us to the path we should take if we would just set our eyes on Him.

You’ll find heartfelt resources and practical tips on everything from family and marriage to wellness and budget!


  1. Live Clean Nourish


Do you follow the Paleo lifestyle? Thinking about it?

Ania from Live Clean Nourish does an excellent job of decoding Paleo and making the diet easy and attainable for everyone (even a former sugar-aholic like me!).

She’s a certified Primal Health Coach, so she knows her stuff. If you’ve been on the fence about making the switch to Paleo, she has lots of great resources and blog posts to help you make a decision and first steps to take if you decide it’s right for you.


  1. Kitchen Comforts


Any foodies here? If so, Kitchen Comforts may just become your new favorite blog.

Sara was born and raised in the south where comfort meals reign supreme, but she adds her own healthy twist to them. Almost all her recipes are whole foods with many being gluten-free. As an added bonus for busy moms, she makes sure they’re simple and fast too.

Try her gluten-free buttermilk biscuits or grain-free baked chicken!


  1. Orgali


Have a picky eater? Ugh, I do. My Ladybug is weirded out by certain textures, and she’s so set in her routine that anything outside the box is a no-go for her.

(Side Note: Want to know why I call my daughter Ladybug? When she was in the crawling stage, our home was overrun with ladybugs for about a couple weeks. She’d find them all over the place and eat them! Seriously, I was digging half-eaten wings out of her mouth for a solid 2 weeks!)

Alina from Orgali is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant who specializes in helping families with their children’s nutrition. Her families health journey began after her husband was diagnosed with cancer, and they focused on diet to support their overall health.

Her blog is nutritional tips, targeted advice for those with food sensitivities, wholesome recipes and more!



  1. Real Nutritious Living


After her own bout with failing health and unfruitful doctor visits, Melissa turned to diet and natural remedies and finally found relief. It’s similar to so many of our own stories, right?!

Melissa is now a Holistic Health Coach on a mission to help as many others as possible. Her blog is all about achieving wellness through diet, exercise, eliminating toxins, choosing safer beauty products and more


  1. Ask Dr. Ho


Dr. Ho brings nearly 30 years of natural health experience to her blog, along with a doctoral degree in Naturopathic Psychology.

Her blog is a helpful hodge podge of healthy recipes, DIY tutorials, fun crafts and more. If you happen to be a fellow blogger, she also has blog categories dedicated to blogging tips, social media hacks, entrepreneurship and more!


  1. Hippie Dippie Mom


Brianne (or Bri) is a Registered Nurse and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a passion for helping families live healthier, toxin-free lives. She use to experience chronic pain and a whole list of other symptoms but found relief once she eliminated toxins and changed her diet.

Her blog is full of healthy recipes, tips for non-toxic living, natural DIY projects, motherhood inspiration and more!


  1. Kissed by Life


Marie-Belle brings you anything and everything related to organic skincare, healthy living and fitness. She, like many of us, started to question the ingredients in many of her favorite beauty products.

Striving to live as naturally as possible, she’s driven by a desire to know exactly what she’s putting on her skin and doing her own research as opposed to just accepting the “norm” in the skincare industry.

You’ll find DIY beauty recipes, fitness tips, organic skincare recommendations and more on her blog!


  1. Momma Fit Lyndsey


Lyndsey’s blog focuses on healthy recipes, fitness and intentional living. She made the transition to clean eating 8 years ago and has never looked back. Now she wants to help other mamas live their healthiest life.

Check out her Whole 30 meal plans that are simple, delicious and will keep you on track the whole month!


desktop with wallet and flowers


  1. Fabulous Farm Girl


Don’t let the blog name fool you – you don’t have to run a farm to enjoy Leah’s informative, actionable content. In fact, she currently lives in the city but longs to get back to country life as soon as possible.

She teaches self-sufficiency and all-natural living through her blog. You’ll find everything from DIY tutorials and recipes to essential oils and healthy living tips. Her goal is to help families improve their health, eat better, learn new skills and more through small, simple changes.


  1. Simply Reeni


Want to learn more about essential oils? Then Reeni is your girl! She’s a Certified Essential Oils Coach, and her blog is devoted to helping women cultivate a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Essential oils are a huge part of that, but you’ll also find nutrition and general healthy living tips on her blog. She regularly hosts classes and webinars and has a couple natural living ebooks to check out!


  1. Sarah Walker


Sarah is a freelance writer and her website highlights that, but if you hop over to her blog, she has some great tips for healthy living plus an awesome meal planning workbook! As a busy mom, she has some great tips for helping your kids eat healthy, baby feeding tips and more.


  1. Cool Things I Love


Ciara is a SAHM in Ireland and blogs about healthy skincare, wholesome nutrition, pregnancy and more.

As moms, we can’t pour into our family from an empty cup. Ciara realizes this and reiterates the importance of self-care but also gratitude and a positive attitude. Her blog is full of “cool things” like exercise tips, natural skincare hacks and lots more!


  1. Brenda Loves Sharing


Let’s face it: Healthy living can get expensive.

Brenda is all about living naturally while sticking to a budget. With that in mind, her blog is full of ways to eat and live healthy with as minimal an impact to your bank account as possible. Besides wellness tips, you’ll also find shopping hacks and ways to score the best deals on the things you love.


  1. My Well Balanced Life


Amanda is a military mom and accustomed to the pick-up-and-move lifestyle. She admits it can be hectic, but she seeks to balance it all and retain a healthy lifestyle, hence the name of her blog!

She’s a Nutritional Therapy Consultant and Pilates Master Trainer, which fits well with her theme of achieving balance through “real food, healthy movement and safer products.”

Her blog is full of yummy recipes, healthy finds and wellness tips.


  1. Blonde Beet Nirvana


Thinking about the Keto lifestyle? Tina’s blog is full of whole-foods based keto recipes as well as Paleo treats and resources to help you live your best life.

She’s also an Integrative Health Coach, which shines through each and every blog. She has some super yummy Paleo Green Tea Fudge and Keto Collagen Chocolate Chip Cookies you should try when you get a chance.


  1. Kerry Heckman


I wanted to include a Lyme-specific blog in this roundup because I know many of you are in that same boat. Kerry hits the nail on the head when she says Lyme disease creates a new normal, and her blog is all about helping her fellow Lyme sufferers.

The nature of her blogs posts are great for anyone with a chronic illness though. Kerry’s site is a helpful place to learn ways to cope mentally and physically – all as naturally as possible.


  1. Meal Planning Blueprints


Elisa’s site is all about meal planning. I LOVE a good meal plan. In fact, I have a 28-day clean eating plan you can grab for free right here!

But Elisa has this innovative idea of a “capsule pantry.”

You can read more about it at her site, but it basically super simplifies the meal planning process, rotating staple ingredients and family favorites every 3 months. It’s an interesting idea, and certainly one I’ll be looking into soon!


  1. Healthy and Lovin’ It


Kristie’s tag line is “Truly Natural Living on a Budget.”  Love it!

Plagued by health problems and lots of doctor appointments, Kristie began seeing an integrative health doctor. Once she learned the importance of detox and started actively detoxing, she finally saw results.

Now she wants to help others implement life changes for the better through non-toxic products, nutrition and more.

She’s seen it, bought it, tried it all and knows buying organic or natural can get pricey. If you’re looking for some great natural products that actually work and won’t break the bank, check out her blog for reviews!


Whew! The End 🙂

I hope you enjoy these blogs and find at least 1 or 2 to help and encourage you in health throughout 2018.

Did I miss your favorite blog? Let me know in the comments!

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