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My name is Jordan & I’m so glad you’re here! I’m a homeschooling mama and professional researcher whose life was changed by a single tick bite.

Within a year of being diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease, I developed 7 other chronic illnesses as a result. At this point, it was either take a proactive role in treatment or submit to a life of sickness and pain.

My success story is still in the making, but by God’s grace and through efficient detoxing, my quality of life has changed for the better and continues to improve day by day.

Now I help families live well with less toxins just as I have my own – through one simple choice and change at a time.

     Did You Know?

amount of chemicals in commercial use today


of all house dust tests positive for toxins

# of years toxins remain in the body if not actively detoxed

federal regulation of chemicals in household products


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Detoxing with Essential Oils: The Ultimate Guide

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Detox Pathways Explained (In Plain English)

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How Amino Acid Therapy Can Change Your Life

Have you ever heard of amino acid therapy? If not, I want you to listen close today. Discover how to treat depression naturally and free yourself from anxiety and cognitive issues with amino acids.

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